Why don’t Christian Drug, Sex & Alcohol Programs seem to work very well?

There are several Christian based treatment/rehabilitation programs throughout the country that are designed to help people, Christian and non-Christian, overcome their chemical addictions and live lives of sobriety and productivity.  Unfortunately, the effectiveness of these programs could drastically be improved by adding an essential missing ingredient.  Fortunately, most Christian based programs tend to demonstrate statistically superior success rates when compared to secular ones.  AA and NA experience approximately 85% to 97% relapse rates.  Treatment centers and hospital programs exhibit similar patterns.  The AMA estimates that up to 40% of all patients in general hospital beds in the U.S.A. are there for some problem related to chemical dependency.  Most Christian based programs have higher success rates for their graduates but also have significant drop out and relapse rates.  Typically, 50% to 85% of all patients that start a residential treatment program quit before completion. The Christian programs generally rely on educational tapes, sermons, guest speakers, strict discipline, videos, individual counseling, group therapy, Bible studies, chapel worship, family visits, work details, annual award dinners, recreation and fund raising activities.

My experience working in Deliverance, Inner Healing and Bible teacher in several of these types of programs for many years has allowed me to observe a dramatic missing ingredient:  The programs do not implement productive methods of dealing with unclean spirits.  Unclean spirits are the key tools Satan uses to cause life destroying addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, food, exercise, gambling, money, etc.). They penetrate or infect the person’s brain and body (Mk. 5, Lk. 13, Mk. 1, Lk. 11, Dan. 4, Job 4, I Tim. 4:1-3) causing internal cravings and anxiety that the patient cannot permanently overcome and does not understand.  Program directors mistakenly think that chapel services, Bible studies, discipline training, prayer and Christian fellowship alone will correct the problem.  Unfortunately, it is incomplete because something miraculous is missing.  The Holy Spirit is the only person who can completely heal a person of an addiction.  He must be given freedom to move in, through and among the clients and patients.  He alone can cast out the demons of addiction and heal their bodies; allowing the person freedom to pray, learn and grow.  I have frequently seen many in rehabilitation programs who cannot be successful because they don’t know they have unclean spirits or they don’t know how to remove them.  Every addict is out of control and has unclean spirits.  Almost none of the treatment programs in the United States allow for teaching about unclean spirits and how to remove addiction demons.  It is a vast area of spiritual ignorance among Christian leaders.

I have personally seen many addicts and ministers delivered from demons who improved dramatically in treatment programs as opposed to those who constantly struggle because they have not been able to overcome their internal cravings given to them by the spirits in their bodies.  Relapsing is common.  Drop outs are common.  Unfortunately, most leadership in rehabilitation programs do not understand demons and are afraid to deal with them.  Many of the leaders are themselves infected with spirits from their own prior drug/alcohol usage.

What needs to be done?  

Restructure the programs:  Priority

  • (1) Genuine repentance and a born-again experience must be ascertained for EVERY new inductee.  I have personally led many men to the Lord for the first time in their lives who had been working a program for months or years.
  •  (2)  Cast out the unclean spirits of addiction.  If a person graduates and still has addiction demons in their brain or body they will probably relapse within few months.
  •  (3)  The Baptism of the Holy Ghost must be required before any patient graduates.  If the programs would give the Holy Spirit the preeminence, the relapse statistics would drop dramatically (Acts 2, 8, 10, 19).  Patients who do not have their own Heavenly prayer language are at significant risk for relapse.
  • With these implementations relapse rates will drop dramatically and a permanent cure of the addiction can be actualized.

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