How can our lives be transformed? introduction

In the O.T. God speaks to the Israelites rather harshly and warns them of some “heavy” things to come. In Hosea 4:1, He warns “Hear the word of the Lord…for the Lord hath a controversy (bone to pick) with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy (love), nor knowledge of God in the land.”
The very same thing can be said of today. First of all, we must understand what “truth” is. Truth is where our words and our deeds match and become one. Jesus, of course, is the Truth. He is the Word who became the Deed. He also “lived the truth.” His Words (promises) always matched His Deeds and His Life actions.
In 3 John 3, the apostle John comments on how important it is that we “live the Truth.” He says, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” Why does seeing his “children walk in truth” bring him so much joy? Because it shows his children are genuine and authentic Christians (whose words and deeds matched). There were no “masks” or “facades.” They were truly showing forth God’s Life in their actions and so, the Gospel could be passed on.
This is the biggest problem facing Christianity today. Far to many Christians are phony in belief and practice. All most all think, just being Born Again is all they must do. Is It? We are required to walk out our salvation in fear and trembling. (Phil. 2:12) What does the Bema seat Judgment teach us? In short that we will all stand before a Holy God who will judge what we have done after salvation. Snooze and you lose.
Is it any wonder why should unsaved people want something that doesn’t seem to work for us?
How are we able to do this? Just how am I emptied of self-life and filled with God’s life? The answer is Romans 12:1,2. Read. This Scripture tells us that a renewed life is the “key” to our transformation. Transformation simply means an exchange of life. It means taking off self-and putting on God.
John 12:24 shows us more: “Verly, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall to the ground and die, it abideth alone, but if it die, it brings forth much fruit.” A renewed mind is the “bridge” or the link between our being emptied of self-and being filled with God. The Word of God is the mechanism or instrument by which Christ’s supernatural life in our hearts can become our life in our souls.
This Scripture exhorts us to become “emptied of self.” So that we can be “filled with Him.” Now being emptied of self does not mean becoming some sort mindless robot. Or a non-entity with no personality or individually of our own. Quite the opposite, when we surrender ourselves to God, He takes our own unique personality, our own individual temperament, our own make-up and then fills it with His love, His thoughts and power.
Ephesians 4:22-24 explains what a renewed mind does: “That you put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according the former deceitful lusts; and be and being renewed in the spirit (personal spirit) of your mind; and that you put on the new man, which is created in righteousness and true holiness.”
Goal and purpose of being a Christian. Being transformed into Christ’s image is the basic goal and purpose for each of our lives as Christians. God wants us to show forth and reflect His Life (Jesus’ life) in our souls and thereby not show forth our own soul with it’s deeds. This, to me, is what Romans 8:28-29 means when it says, we are to be conformed into the image of Christ. When we allow the Holy Spirit to do this, then we’ll be able to live the truth and our words and deeds will match the gospel and have a chance to be passed on. So, a renewed mind is the key to our transformation and our living the truth. You talk about important subjects, this one is critical.
When we don’t choose to renew our minds, however, either because we don’t know how or because of wounds, hurts, fears, insecurities, trauma that we have chosen to hang on to, then we quench God’s Spirit in our hearts and block His life from coming forth.
So, the life that is manifested in our souls is not going to be Jesus’ Life as it should be, but self-life.
Just what is our Soul.
1. Our soul is like a neutral area that “shall have life” because of free flow of God’s Life or, shall “wax cold” because God’s Life is quenched
2. For the most part, our souls are the outward expression of our lives. It’s the life that we see, hear and feel coming forth from each other
3. There is a hidden, secret part of our soul (hidden Chambers)
4. The whole purpose of our being called Christians is to be filled with God’s Life—”the fullness of God” Eph. 3:19; 2Cor.2:14, walking by His Spirit-Gal.5:14, conformed into His Image Romans 8:29 and manifesting His Name 2 Cor. 4:10-11
5. Our souls are made up mostly of our conscious thoughts, emotions and desires.
6. Life exists both in our hearts and souls; what’s the difference? —Life is originally created in our hearts Proverbs4:23 it’s life—only God can see it Jeremiah 17:10;12:3; 1 Chron.28:9. Life is then outwardly expressed in our souls. Isaiah 58:10-11;Proverbs 14:30; Matt.12:35. It’s visible Life, all can see it Jeremiah 31:12.
7. Our souls are a neutral area that can be filled with God’s Life or self-Life. If we have made the appropriate faith choices, God’s Life will be showing forth through our souls. His Love will become our love, His Thoughts, Our thoughts, His Power, our own John 4:14. This demonstrates single-mindedness—one life is being lived God’s. IF we have made emotional choices to follow our own thoughts, God’s Life becomes blocked or quenched and self -life will show forth. This results in double-mindedness—Two lives are being lived God’s and our own. 2 Peter 2:17. This is what a hypocrite looks like. James 1:8.
8. Where does “self-Life” come from? Self-Life comes from hurts, doubts, resentment, that we have never dealt with, either out of ignorance or disobedience, but have simply stuffed in our hidden chambers. Self-Life is triggered when we choose to follow what things are telling us to do over what God is saying Proverbs 5:22;John 8:34. Read. These hidden things have the power to work on our conscious thoughts and emotions to make us choose to follow them. These hidden things are stored in a secret place called Cheder in Hebrew. These chambers are comparable to the secret, hidden chambers of the Temple (1 Kings 6:5-10) where priests stored their own personal idolatrous things (Ezekiel 8:6-12). They represent the place in our soul where we hide, bury and store our hurts, wounds, guilt and fears Proverbs 18:8;26:22; Ezekiel 14:3-5.
9. We must learn to set aside our Self-Life, so that God’s Life can come forth Romans 6:6-7, 11-13; Col. 2:11; 1 Cor. 5:7-8; Acts 20:24. This is what the Sanctification process is all about 2 Cor.4:10-11. It’s putting off the old man Eph.4:22; Rom.6:6 and then putting On Christ Col.3:10; Eph.4:24. The putting ON of Christ is twofold : positionally at our new birth and experientially in the process of sanctification. It’s Christ’s Life Col.1:27 that we are to, put on moment, by moment in our lives. This is Transformation as given to us buy the Word of God. Part two :Hidden Chambers

How can our lives be Transformed? Part two

In part two, we are learning what part our bodies play in our transformation. The body is a container for the spirit and soul.
Our Body.
1. Our bodies are the vehicle or the carrier for the expression of our lives Phil. 1:20;1 Cor.6:19-20.
2. Our soul and body together are known as the flesh.
3. Just as the Outer Court of the Temple had many outside influences 1 Kings 11:1-6; 1 John 2:16, so our bodies are “wide open” prey to the wiles of the enemy.
4. The “power of sin” resides in our bodies Romans 7:20-21, 23.
a. The power of sin is an energy force whose whole purpose is to cause us to “Veer off course” and “miss the mark.” Phil. 3:14;Romans 7:19-23. Satan is the author of the power of sin John 8:44; Eph. 6:12 “It’s no more I” that does these bad things, but the power of sin in me Romans 7:18,20. No one can take us out of the keeping power of God, once we are born-again Col.1:13-14; John 10:27-29. However, when we quench God’s Spirit, we open ourselves up for the arrows of the enemy. We then give Him access to all the gray area Prov. 5:22.
b. This is the reason we are not sinless, even though we have God’s Life in our hearts Matt. 26:41.
5. We have a constant choice to either “walk by the Spirit” or “walk by the flesh.” By “birth” we are always in the Spirit Romans 8:9, but by “choice” we can either:
a. Walk after the flesh Romans 6:21; 7:5; 8:6; and 13 first half of verse. We still have God’s Life in our hearts, but because we have chosen to follow what we want and desire, we have blocked His Life from coming forth Matt. 12:25; 26:41. We have opened ourselves up to the arrows of the enemy and are in bondage to the power of sin Gal. 5:19; Rom.6:12,16,21. We are serving the Law of sin Rom. 7:25c (Last part of verse). We are “pleasing self” Ezek. 33;31; Rom.8:8. His light in us has been darkened Luke 11:35; Psalm 38:10; and we are “Living a lie” John 5:31; 12:35;Jeremiah 7:28. We grope for the wall like the blind Isaiah 59:10. This is where pure water gets blocked up Jeremiah 2:13; Prov.25:26.
b. Or, we can walk after the Spirit Romans 8:6b,13b; 6:13, 22; Gal.5:24-25. We are filled with the “fullness of God” Eph.3:19; Luke 9:24b. We are freed from the power of sin Gal.5:1; Rom.6:2,7; 7:25. Salvation means freedom from power of sin 2 Thess. 2:13. There is no dark part Luke 11:36b; and we are “living the truth” 2 John 4; Eph.6:5-6.
The War.
A. The war that goes on within us between the power of God and the power of sin, is fought in our soul and body, not in our hearts Rom. 7:21-23; 6:13,16.
B. 1. Since our “Old Man” no longer exists Rom.6:6, the power of sin’s hold on the flesh has been destroyed and we have been, if we chose to be, freed from sin Rom. 6:7-14,22.
C. 2. Soul and body are the battlefield, our mind leading into trouble if we allow it, not our hearts, Rom. 7:23.
3. The battle is spiritual 2 Cor.10:3-6.
B. Christ is now the “overcoming power” to free us from this war Rom. 6:2,6-7; 7:25.
C. As believers we have God’s authority and God’s power to resist what the “flesh” is urging us to do Rom. 6:6,7: Col.2:11.
Hidden Chambers
Hidden Chambers. When we don’t know how to renew our minds or how to put off the “Junk” in our thinking, then we not only give Satan handles to grab hold of in our conscious thinking, but we also allow him to establish strongholds in our hidden chambers or our innermost part as Scripture calls it.
It is my fervent desire to talk about the things in our lives that we don’t deal with, either out of ignorance or disobedience, but simply push down into the secret recesses of our soul. These are the things that eventually can become the hidden motivation for much of what we do.
The actual word “Subconscious” or “unconscious” is not used in our translations. The Hebrew word found in Scripture is “Cheder” which means the innermost part, the hidden chambers, the inward part or the secret place. The word cheder is used 38 times in Scripture over half refer to secret hidden, innermost chamber or parlor. 1 Chron. 28:11,1; 1 Kings 6:5-8. Here are a few Scriptural examples.
Psalm 19:12-13 speaks to this, “Who can understand his errors? (his mistakes, his straying’s, wonderings) cleanse me from secret faults (hidden, covered, not discerned)…let them not have dominion over me.”
Searching the hidden Chambers. Proverbs 20:27. The spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all the inward parts (rooms of the belly) cheder of the belly. Lamp of the Lord Man’s spirit is God’s contact point, through which He illumines man and shows him his own true nature
Why would the spirit search our inward parts, if not to reveal, hidden sin in us? If there is no “secret place” or “hidden chambers,” where is this “innermost part”
Psalm 51:6 seems to follow this same line of thinking. David declares…”in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom.” God wants this hidden part —this secret place –cleansed of secret faults and then filled with all precious and pleasant riches, example God’s wisdom. “By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Prov.24:4.
Just as access to and from these hidden chambers was allowed through only one door at the front of the Temple sanctuary, so, too, the “power of sin that lives in our bodies has access not only to the conscious part of our soul (our self-Life) but also has access to these secret, hidden recesses of our souls. Remember, the hidden chambers are a part of our flesh.
It’s not so much that these buried things in themselves hinder our sanctification —they don’t. But they do affect our choices. And it’s our choices that hinder our sanctification. Buried hurts and wounds definitely influences us, but they don’t need to determine our choices. There is a much “more excellent way.”
How can these Hidden Chambers become Cleansed? Awareness of the dangers of simply burying our negative thoughts and emotions in our hidden Chambers makes us examine three questions.
1. How can we catch our negative thoughts and emotions Before they go into our hidden chambers? 2 Cor. 10:4-6. Read. Strongholds are first established in our minds; that is why we are to take every thought captive. Behind a stronghold is a lie. A place of personal bondage where God’s Word has been suppressed to any unscriptural idea or personally confused belief that is held to be true.
2. How can we get rid of the ones that are already there? Agree with the Holy Spirit that there is a sin He shows us. Psalm 32:5 King David says, “I acknowledge my sins to you, and my iniquity I have not hidden. I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord,” and You forgave the iniquity of my sin. (continually unfolding the past till all is told Amp). Confess the sin, (take accountability) repent of the sin, ask the Lord to forgive the sin, receive by acknowledging His forgiveness. Fill that hidden place with the Word of God.
3. How can we reprogram the truth back in? By the “Renewing” of our minds with the Word of God Romans 12:2; and Eph. 5:26. read. “To renew is to renovate,” implying a restoration to freshness or to an original state. It speaks of the potential of redemption’s power to reinstate features of God’s original intention for humanity and a recovery of many potentialities of the human mind and soul as designed before the fall.
The “mind” forms the intellect or understanding, but also includes all that is described in the word “mind-set,” that is the feelings and the will. Being transformed by the renewal of the mind indicates a literal “change in the form or formulas of thought or being.” This describes redemption’s provision of power to instill godliness in us—a power that transforms
1. Our thoughts, which lead to formulating
2. Our purposes, which proceed to dictate our actions, and so,
3. Our actions become character-determining habits, shaping the life and setting the course for the future. The path to godly living is not complicated, nor is it energized by the flesh, but it does call the believer to willing submission to the Father’s provision and ways.
The Bible shows us Christ’s likeness so that we may measure our conduct and character against His and allow God to shape us into Christ’s likeness Rom.8:29.
4.Power of sin. It is important to remember; the power of sin’s whole purpose is to cause us to “veer of course” and to “miss the mark.” The mark refers to Romans 8:29 being conformed into the image of Christ. Because of our ignorance, not only as to how we renew our minds, but also what the Mind of Christ is and the power and authority of God we possess because of it.
Through the power of sin, Satan’s goal is to work hand-in-hand with our flesh influencing, persuading and manipulating us to follow our own self-Life, rather than obey and trust God to perform His Will in our lives. The enemy wants us to be conformed to the world’s image, because then the Gospel will not be passed on.
God, on the other hand, wants us to constantly yield our self-Life to Him, regardless of how we feel or what we think, and put on the Mind of Christ. Then, we’ll be conformed to Christ’s Image and the Gospel will have a chance to be passed on.
Coming episode’s : Mind Renewal, the Mind of Christ.

How can our lives be transformed? part three

How can our lives be Transformed? Part three
The Mind of Christ –we all have the mind of Christ. 1 Cor. 2: 12, 16. Tells us that as Christians we all possess the mind of Christ in order to get God’s Life from our hearts out into our lives. “Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God; WHY? That we might know the things that are freely given to us from God.” Verse 12. “For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that He may instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.” Verse 16.
Even as believers, most of us have been completely ignorant, not only as to what the Mind of Christ is, but also what it does and how it works. And because of this ignorance, we have not been able to use this incredible gift God has given us. So, we’ve gone on depending upon our own thoughts and our own emotions, again playing right into the enemy’s hands.
If our basic thinking patterns are not changed, then our lives will not change either, no matter what we do. Isaiah 59:10 graphically describes this, “we grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes; we stumble at noon day as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men.” Eye in Scripture is often referred to as our mental vision or our mind.
And it’s true; we do grope for the wall as if we had no eyes because we don’t know how to put off our old thinking and put on the Mind of Christ …our new “eyes.” Provers 3:5 declares, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”
How it works.
Take every thought captive. Another reason why many of us continue to depend upon our own thinking rather than God’s, is that we seldom “Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,” as 2 Cor. 10:5 exhorts us to do.
Now, when God says take every thought captive, He doesn’t mean examine every single thought we have. He means stop and take a good hard look at the anxious thoughts, the hurtful ones, the doubtful ones, the frustrations, the anger, the pride, and all the other “emotional” and self-centered thoughts that take away our peace.
Lack of peace is a good barometer for us to see which thoughts God wants us to deal with. Romans 14:23 teaches, “what is not of faith is sin.” So, any thought that is not of faith and take away our peace is a thought that we need to deal with.
Chain Reaction. The reason our thoughts are so important to God is that our thoughts are the first to be triggered in the chain reaction of our souls. Our thoughts stir up our emotions; our emotions then cause our desires ; and our desires produce our actions. This is why thoughts are so critical. If we can catch our negative thoughts when they first occur, then we’ll stop the whole chain-reaction of our souls before it begins.
What happens, however, when we don’t take every thought captive, is that we end up being carried on by the tide of emotion (that chain-reaction), quenching God’s Spirit, and His Life in our hearts is not able to come forth. So, yes, we all have the Mind of Christ, but we won’t be able to use this incredible gift, unless we recognize, first of all, that own emotional way of thinking is totally opposite from God’s and recognize the importance of taking every negative thought captive.

Our Basic Goal and Purpose of being a Christian. 1 Tim.1:5; 1 John 4:16.
A. Being conformed into Christ’s image. Romans 8:29; Gal.4:19; 5:14
1. Being emptied of self-Life and filled with God’s 2 Cor. 4:10-11; Jon 3:30
2. Being filled with Life Eph. 3:17-19. Knowing His Life as our own Phil. 1:21;Gal.2:20
B. Walking in God’s Love and truth. Bearing witness of the truth John 13:35; 18:37; 14:6.
C. Showing forth God’s Life, not our own. 2 Cor. 4:10,11; John 1:4,8,17.
D. Proving what is the “good, acceptable and perfect and perfect Will of God.” Romans 12:1,2; 1 John 2:12-14.
1. What is God’s will? Eph. 5:17-18, “Be filled with the Spirit”
a. God’s good will is bearing fruit “Thirty-fold” (as children) Matt. 13:8;1 John 2:12.
b. God’s acceptable will is bearing fruit “sixty-fold” (as men/women) 1 John 2:13a; Eph.5:9.
c. God’s perfect will is bearing fruit “a hundred-fold” Heb. 5:14; 13:21.
2. Walking in love is proof we are doing God’s will. 2 Cor. 2:8,9; 1 john 4:12,17.
3. Walking in truth is proof we are doing God’s will. 2 John 4:3; 3 John 3,4.
Satan will do anything to prevent our transformation. 2Cor. 10:3-5.
A. When we don’t know how to renew our minds , we give Satan many holes to attack. Luke 11:24-26.
B. We are ignorant of things in the hidden part of our soul. We must allow God to expose our “whole” man. Psalm 19:12,13.
C. Our warfare is mighty to the “pulling down strongholds.” 1 John 4:4; 2 Cor. 10:3,4.
Our Mind is the Link to this transformation.
A. A renewed mind is the only way we can be transformed into Christ’s image. Romans 12:1,2; Eph. 4:22-24.
1. The natural mind is hostile to God. Romans 8:7.
2. The natural man doesn’t receive the things of God. 1 Cor. 2:14

B. Our mind is the connection between God’s Life in our hearts and its expression in our lives. Romans 7:25; Eph. 2:2-4.
1. God’s Life does no good if its blocked in our hearts. Psalm 119:70. Amplified says, Their hearts are as fat as grease; their mind is dull and Brutal; but I delight in the law of God.
2. This causes us to live a lie in our souls—showing forth =self-Life. 1 John 1:6.
We all have the Mind of Christ.
A. The mind of Christ helps to get God’s Life from our hearts out into our Lives. 1 Cor. 2:16;Proverbs 3:5.
B. AS Christians, however, many of us still depend upon our own thinking, rather than God’s. Prov. 3:5; 30:12; Jeremiah 10:23.
C. And we end up grouping for the wall like the blind. Isaiah 59:10.

The Holy Spirit will continually remind us of the critical importance of setting aside our own natural, emotional way of thinking and beginning to think with the Mind of Christ. If we can learn to do this Romans 12:2 tells us we will be transformed into God’s image.
Transformation is God’s will and His goal for all of us. He wants us to constantly take off our self and put on Himself. He wants us living the truth and walking in His Love. The only way this is possible, however, is by the constant renewing of our minds.